Coming out of fanfic retirement

I've decided to write a new Road Rovers: Generation 2 story after being absent
from them for several years. Like the Cano-Holocaust Trillogy, this will be more
than one part, still not sure how many though. Unlike my previous fanfics
though, instead of writing it like a script, it will be written like a novel.
With that being said, here's what I can share about it:

The saga is called "Wild Kingdom" Which takes place after Episode 4 (Which I
need to link on my website soon along with the other old stories). Now that the Rovers
have discovered that Parvo is still alive, and the canine population is now too
small for them to keep recruiting dogs, they start recruiting animals of other
species. Little do they know that at the same time, General Parvo is doing the
same. The Rovers travel all over the world in their efforts to prepare for the
second coming of Parvo. Which animals will be selected to join the Rovers in
their fight? I cannot reveal that until the saga is released!

Old fanfic author returns to the Rover fandom

Greetings, some of you may have known me from when I used to have a site called "Road Rover Emporium" and later re-named to "The 'R' Files." I am Steve "The BassMan" Sandell. Road Rovers and Road Rovers fan sites are what I credit for getting me into the furry fandom so there is no way I can start using LiveJournal without joining a Road Rovers community. What remains of the "R" Files can be found at though some links may be broken. I know it has been many years since I've done any Road Rovers work, but never say never, someday I might write more stories and more than likely do some oekaki artwork of both the original Rovers and my created "Radtke's Rovers." With that in mind, I'm now going to say something I've been waiting to say again for many years: From the desk of the BassMan, to the power of the pack! Arrroooooo!!!

RR - Role Play in a new dimension of role playing!

Okay, since markhamfists (AKA Chris) is threating me with the bullwhip of impatience, I think i should finally start a few things.
So here is the idea:

There is a program that some of you might know already, but here is what I'm referring to those who don't: Furcadia

Furcadia is a program that allows you to create a based on an animal, like felines or in our case more importantly, canines.
The game is not based on a particular goal or target, nor can you really die in the game. It's atually more kinda an animated IM. However, an entire section of Furcadia is dedicated to role play. That is the "Imaginarium". As the name inspires, is it a lil need to have imagination there and a bit of role play experience.

You read more about that here: CLICK ME!

It helps some to write more than only single lines and describe your character well. At that point, I'd like to show how it it looks like when someone looks on one of my characters:

(You see Mark Fenris.)
> A 7 feet and 8 inches tall, very muscular wolf. Mark wears black, laced combat boots, blue jeans wrap around his tree-thick legs and a black leather jacket, which he wears open, shows the bare, broad, muscular chest. His arms carry cannonball-biceps and the fur is soft as silk. At his belt carries he a long, military like knife. [very strong, skilled fighter] [likes cuddling and is very caring] [picture]

So you see, there are various way to show you character and so on.

Now, why am I posting this?
Because Furcadia has another very interresting feature, the so called "dreamweaving".
The portals or worlds in which the avatars move are called "Dreams" and at places like the Imaginarium is it possible to load up dreams that you self made. Furcadia gives you all software that you need to create such a dream. You can even make your own items, portraits and so on. You can create your own world. And that is the point why I'm posting this here:

I want to create a RoadRover themed Dream! With custom Avatars, portraits, enviroment and so on. It would be possible to create the whole RR-HQ. It would be also even possible that all entering canines are first feral dogs that need to enter the transdogmafier to become humanoid.

Sounds good, neh?
But it is also a lot of work. Grafics need to be made, portraits drawn, patches and item designed, the HQ self must be made from scratch and this all must also be programmed that all works.

That is why I want here to call upon any Road Rover fan to help on this project. Help us to create a Road Rover world.
About all I listed above do we need help. Especially would be notes or scetches help that shows how the RR-HQ is build up from inside. In various episodes have we seen the inside, but how are the rooms arranged? The vehicles must be designed and so on...
There would be much to do...

So here is what I mainly need:
Help in Avatar design - Cano-sapiens avatar with RR-armor*
Portraits for male, female and unselected gender Canine*
Constructive ideas about room-arrangements
Raw material and pictures for items that should appear there

(*: Looks over to Dylan (fluffypup)... <.<)

Anyone who can help is welcome.
It will be also helpful to hear about how you think about this in general. Say me your opinion. Does such a dream actually have a chance?
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Rally Fox

Time for a change of plans

Rover Racing, as of this week, is dead and gone, and I am no longer associating myself with the Road Rover fandom in any way. However, my little "project" that has spanned the years is still going to be around, it's just going to get a make-over, so to speak. It's no longer going to be Rover Racing, but will instead be based around the entire furry fandom as far as who can join. It will not be done on a schedule as previously planned, as I now know that's impossible for me to do as a one-person "team" with 6- and 7-day work weeks at times. Just about everything about this little venture will be different. Here are the first two examples of the new series:

If you still want to be part of this, your character must be a furry (I know some people have human, android, or alien characters), and then just get in contact with me and we'll set it up. As of now, I don't have a limit on characters, but try not to request too many.
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Is now an Admin of SQLSPACE

The Founder of the online forum SqlSpace made me the second Admin of the Political Forum SqlSpace. Lately I been helping him redesign his Yooter InterActive Marketing homepage and The Mabus Files Web site.Currently I am working organizing the SqlSpace Forum and moving old posts into the new sections with help from The Founder and the Mods.

Join SqlSpace

I am also working on my final college projects. Yooter InterActive Marketing is going to by my field placement.

Once all my projects are done I am going back to art and fics.
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Rally Fox

Rover Racing has begun! Plus a video clip.

Okay, I've started the Rover Racing 2005 series a bit early, but that's so I don't get myself in trouble later because I can't keep up. >_>

Anyway, the results for the very first event have been posted. Head over to to see how it went down. Unfortunately, there are currently no photos of that event, but hopefully there will be some for the coming events.

Also, I've created a small video clip so you can see exactly what it's like for these fictional drivers to drive a 3,400-pound car around a track. This is a streaming video of one lap at Sears Point (I refuse to call it Infineon Raceway) as seen from Rally's in-car camera. Warning: While this is a streaming video, it's still about 5Mb in size, so 56K-ers, beware.
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